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Find a Presenter

BDSM Educational Center is looking for vetted, honorable and knowledgeable presenters who would like to be listed on our website. We are seeking presenters from all around the country for a database where communities and groups can find people to bring to their area in order to further education.

If you're interested in being added to this list and you consent to have your information advertised publicly (no pictures), please add your info below with the following template:

Name: (this can be your FetLife handle or the name you go by in the community)


Home State:

Contact Info:

Area of Travel: (How far you're willing to travel)

Requirements for Travel:

Link to profile or website: (Preferably with the area of expertise you present on or a class list)

Listings will be posted with this template. Please know that any presenters wanting to be listed in our database will be vetted before being listed.