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BDSM Education Center



Are you in Reno, Nevada or in one of the surrounding areas? Do you want to help expand BDSM education for your local community? Finding great venues to hold classes can be tough and securing a venue can be even tougher. With so much content out there, finding quality, educational content is also quite a job! Our staff are all volunteers and do this for the good of the community, they don't get paid.  The WebMistress even has to buy her own coffee.... (as awesome as she is!)

There are a few ways you can volunteer:

  • Develop and/or present a class
  • Assist an instructor with set up, clean up or as a demo bottom
  • Provide assistance with other activities like Revelry,  hosting or planning a fundraiser, hosting or planning a charity drive, bring your ideas and energy

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at