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Areas of Expertise:

Dominant/submissive Relationship Dynamics, Master/slave Relationship Dynamics, After Care, BDSM Dynamics, Corporal Punishment, Degradation, Discipline, General Scene Dynamics, Humiliation, impact Play, Needle Play, Negotiation/Consent, Objectification, Protocol, Sensory Deprivation (see my class list at bottom of page)

Consultant - Las Vegas Little Theater Production of Venus in Fur

Speaker/Consultant - University of Nevada, Las Vegas: 

UNLV Public Health Program (Reference upon request)

UNLV Marriage/Family Therapy Program, Ref: Coreen G. Haym, Professor
Speaker/Consultant - Southern Nevada Health District, Ref: Dr. Cheryl Radeloff

Founder - BDSM Educational Center

Founder - BDSM Educational Center Mentor Program

Creator - BDSM Orientation, Las Vegas's Longest Running Intro to BDSM Class

Presenter - Sin in the City, Las Vegas, NV

Presenter - Rocky Mountain Rebellion, Salt Lake City, UT

Presenter - Flogfest, Salt Lake City, UT

Producer - Revelry

Producer - Nevada Person of Leather Contest - 2018

Producer - Silver State Olympus Leather Contest

Founder - Nevada State Bootblack Contest

Producer/Host - The Dark Hour Podcast (coming soon)

Class List:

Mmm, Mum, Mummy, Mummification! - There are all kinds of ways to put someone in bondage but have you ever fully wrapped someone in bondage? This class will show you how.

Emotional/Mental Dynamics
Humiliation & Degradation: A Love Story - Learn about the dynamics of humiliation and degradation and what they mean to each other and to the Top and bottom engaging in such play.

I want to FUCK... your mind! - Play can take the mind on a journey. Sometimes that journey can be manipulated. Come learn how to mind fuck your bottom or play partner in fun and deviant ways and what it takes to bring their mind back to reality.

You're a What?: The Fun of Objectification - You're out at a party and suddenly you have no footrest... isn't that what your submissive is for? A fun class about objectification and how it works.

As a Matter of Fact... Impact! - A guide to all things impact. From using your body to using toys, see all the ways impact play can be done and learn what you can use and what you can't use. A fun, informative class for those who like to have an "impact" on their play partners or significant others.

Corporal Punishment - Crime and punishment go together like Paddles and butts but sometimes, punishments can get formal. This class will teach you about all things corporal punishment from it's beginnings to how it's adapted through the years.

Flogging for Fun and More! - Flogging is a great form of impact play but where else can you flog besides the backside? Find that out and more in this class! Learn proper flogging techniques as well as care for your floggers and other ways to use the flogger. It's not just a handle and tails!

Impact Pervertables: Making the Most of your Household Items - Buying floggers, paddles, and other custom toys can get expensive! See what you can do to save money by taking everyday, ordinary items and make them integral parts of your toys bag.

Kick Ball and Punching Bags: A Guide to Kicking and Punching - What happens when you have no toys around to use on your bottom? Don't forget that you have two hands and two feet! This class will show you how to use both.

Spanks a Lot!: A Guide to Spanking - Learn about spanking without killing your hand, the right places to spank your bottom, aftercare and more.

Up a Creek With a Paddle: Picking the Right Paddle for the Job - Giving someone a good paddling can be fun but how do you know which paddle to use for the job? This class will show you how to pick the right paddle and the reasons why. Grip, weight, shape... it all matters. Come find out why!

BDSM Orientation - A BDSM 101 from A-Z. You know what you identify yourself as but where do you go from there? This class gives you the steps you need to get started on your path.

The Consent Factor: Retrieving, Receiving & Giving the "Firm Yes!" - In this class, you'll learn everything about consent from how to negotiate for it properly, gaining the "firm yes," knowing how to use it, when to give it, when to revoke it and much more.

Coping with Triggers - BDSM can be full of what if's and surprises but what happens when you're suddenly triggered within your dynamic or in a scene? This class will help guide you through the mental and physical process of being triggered and steps you can take to get past the toughest times.

Dominant Dynamics - Being Dominant comes naturally to many but what happens when you have to structure, not only your own life but someone else's life as well. This class will give you the tools to bring structure to your relationship without crossing the line into abuse.

Discipline vs. Punishment: When to Cross the Line in the Sand - What's the difference between discipline and punishment and when should we, as Tops, use them? Why choose one over the other? In this class, you'll learn about setting behavioral goals and how to ensure those goals are met.

How to Say No - Saying no is hard when you feel intimidated. This class will help you find your voice and enable you to say no and stand your ground against predators.
Identifying Predators - Differentiating between potential play partners and predators and how to identify both.

Mentor vs. Protector: Separating Myth from Reality - A comprehensive view of what it takes to be a mentor and build a proper mentor/"mentee" relationship as well as what it means to be someone's protector. This class also covers what to look for in a mentor or protector and why you should choose one over the other.

Negotiating your Scene from A-Z - One of the most important aspects of play, learn how to negotiate your play properly with what to include and what not include, how to incorporate your limits into negotiations, how to ensure proper consent and more.

The Thin Line: BDSM vs. Domestic Violence - Negotiation, consent, aftercare. These are among the most coveted tools used by so many in BDSM. There are others who use BDSM as a way to exploit and hurt people. This class explores the line between domestic violence and BDSM and shows you how to identify right from wrong. If you're new to BDSM, this is a must have class.

Understanding Protocols - What is a protocol and how do they apply? With this class, you'll walk away with a full understanding of protocols and how they work.

Scene Dynamics
The ABC's of C-I-G-A-R-S: Cigar Structure - Love cigars or just curious? In part one of this three-part class, you'll learn about the inner workings of cigars from the seeds to the wrapper. Learn the inner workings of a cigar, how to pick them, how to store them, how to light them and more.

The ABC's of C-I-G-A-R-S: Cigar Play - In part two of this three-part class, you learn all about cigar play from hovering the cherry to branding, insertion and much more.

The ABC's of C-I-G-A-R-S: Cigar Service - In part three of this three-part class, you learn about the performance of cigar service from choosing the cigar, prep and lighting, receiving the ash and more.
Play Right: Proper Staging, Execution and Clean Up - Learn how to properly set the "stage" for your scene. This class covers proper setup, safe execution and clean up of your scene including which cleaning supplies are best, placement of furniture and more.

Scene Dynamics: Adding Depth to your Scene - Flogging, paddling, spanking... that's all fun but what about adding the little things and bringing depth to your scene while building an even stronger connection between a Top and bottom. Subjects covered include verbal communication, face slapping, choking, hair pulling and more.

The Art of Aftercare - One of the most important aspects of play. Learn about what to keep in your aftercare kit, when aftercare should begin, what our responsibilities are and more.

The Abrasion Equation - Rough surfaces on the skin can be, well, rough. In this class, we'll explore the many aspects of abrasion play and how to use common, everyday items (and a few uncommon ones) to make abrasion play fun!

Stickin It to You: Needle Play with a Twist 101 - Fun ways to use needles in your scene and even better ways to remove them from your bottom.

Stickin It to You: Needle Play with a Twist 201 - Have you done needles before but you're looking to "up your game?" This class will show you some worse (and by worse, we mean better) ways to use needles in your scene and even better ways to remove them from your bottom.

Stripping the Senses: Fun with Sensory Deprivation! - Learn about all things sensory deprivation and how the mind plays along in a "senseless" scene. Learn how to strip every sense away leaving your bottom to wonder what will happen next.

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