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Mr. Dark


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Mr. Dark is a sex-positive educator and speaker and has been involved in the BDSM community for more than twenty-five years. In 2008 he started the Las Vegas D/s Society which successfully merged with Sin City D/s Network to help create the largest BDSM network in Southern Nevada offering education, health resources and other kink related activities. In 2011, Mr. Dark created the BDSM Orientation, Las Vegas's longest running intro to BDSM class. In 2013, he founded the BDSM Educational Center offering monthly classes, a peer to peer mentor program and other BDSM/Kink related resources.

Mr. Dark began his Leather journey in 2014 becoming first runner-up in the Mr. Southwest Olympus Leather contest. In 2015, he stepped down as co-owner of Sin City D/s Network to focus solely on education. You can find Mr. Dark presenting classes at popular events such as Behind Closed Doors in Tucson, AZ and Rocky Mountain Rebellion in Salt Lake City, Utah. He hosts the popular, annual "Sinbowl" at Sin in the City, a fundraiser that raises money for the International Person of Leather Travel Fund. He is also a producer of Revelry, a fast-growing conference focusing on BDSM and Leather education. Mr. Dark serves the greater BDSM community through his memberships in the NCSF, NLA's International and Northern Nevada chapters. He currently serves as President of Battle Born Leather Club in Reno, NV, Mr. Dark is a staunch advocate for equal rights and an outspoken activist against consent violations and domestic violence.

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